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Eastern Virginia Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists is dedicated to providing an answer to every hearing ability question and providing the best service and products to every person.

Here are some of the services we provide and resources we recommend:


A major concern for many people is paying for medical devices like hearing aids. CreditCare is a credit card solution for health expenses with an easy application process and an instant credit decision.

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Consumer’s Guide to Hearing Aids

Selecting the right hearing aids is a vital step in your hearing loss treatment. Read our Consumer’s Guide to Hearing Aids to learn more about your options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether it’s your first appointment or you’re simply in for repairs, learn more about what you can expect by perusing our FAQ section.

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Impacts of Untreated Hearing Loss

Some people put off seeking help with hearing loss, particularly those who lose their hearing gradually as they age. This is not a good idea. Like many medical conditions, hearing cannot get better by waiting. Our advice is to seek help sooner rather than later. Better hearing makes for better living.

Ignoring hearing loss is a major factor in people becoming less social and more isolated. It is also psychologically damaging. Good hearing is a major factor in overall wellbeing.

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Information About Hearing Loss

Hearing loss occurs for many reasons. Perhaps the most common is loss due to exposure to loud noise for many years. This exposure can also contribute to the deterioration of ear organs with age. These symptoms are generally the reason people come to get help: difficulty hearing in a crowded room, having to turn up the volume and asking others to repeat themselves.

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Latest Hearing Health News

We provide the latest news in audiology, hearing loss treatment, hearing aids, hearing products and accessories in the hearing healthcare industry.

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Tinnitus is a common condition in which people “hear” ringing, whooshing or buzzing sounds when no sound is present. This phantom noise is a common occurrence in older people who also have some degree of hearing loss. The condition is likely caused by the degradation of tiny follicles in the inner ear that receive sound waves and create electrochemical signals sent to the brain.
There is no cure for tinnitus, but there are effective treatments. Many people find that sound machines –creating “white noise” – effectively mask the effect of the ringing sensation. Other remedies include brain training sessions that help put the noise into the background, anti-depressant medication and psychiatric care.

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New Patients

Thank you for making an appointment with Eastern Virginia Ear, Nose, & Throat! In order to expedite the check-in process during your first visit, please review the information located on our new patients page and complete any necessary steps.

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Billing & Insurance

As a courtesy to our patients, we will file the necessary claim forms to all insurance companies even if we are not a participating provider. Please remember that we cannot guarantee payment by your insurance company.

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